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Peace and quiet on Camping Súdermeer ijsselmeer

Camping Súdermeer is within walking distance of the IJsselmeer and het characteristic town of Stavoren. Our campsite offers you a wide variety of activities, thanks to it’s location between the Frisian Lakes and the IJsselmeer, e.g. enjoy the pleasures of sailing and surfing, make a bicycle tour to the forests and cliffs in Gaasterland or visit the three other nearby old towns Hindeloopen, Workum and Sloten. Here you will find many well-known museums. By taking the ferry from Stavoren to Enkhuizen, you can also visit the Zuyder Zee museum in Enkhuizen. You can also opt to take the train to Sneek or the Frisian capital Leeuwarden. Camping Súdermeer is the ideal place to explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Friesland.

For the little ones 

There’s also plenty to do for the children in Stavoren and the surrounding area. You could spent a day in ‘Sybrandy’s Ontspanningspark’, a small amusement park. Or be enchanted in ‘Sprookjes Wonderland’ (Fairytale land) in Enkhuizen, where you can wander through the magical forest or the hobgoblin village. You can buy a ticket for the ferry combined with the entrance fee for the park at the tourist information office in Stavoren. 
You may not know them, but Hielke and Sietse were two famous Dutch boys who set off on many adventures with there small boat called ‘Kameleon’ (chameleon) . These adventures were described in a serious of about 60 books, which have been read by most Dutch children. If you are curious about where they lived you can visit the ‘Kameleon’ village in Terherne (a 30 minute drive from Stavoren).


Camping Súdermeer is a small and peaceful campsite. We have about 100 permanent guests and about 36 pitches for transients. We have a special sanitary room for disabled people, with approved facilities. Camping Súdermeer is adjacent to Marina Stavoren. Here you will find a covered and heated swimming pool (entrance fee), a small supermarket and aquatic shop.

Marina Stavoren Buitenhaven and the beach are within walking distance of our campsite. Our beach is one of the best surfing sports on the IJsselmeer coast, but of course it also very suitable for swimming and sun bathing.